Oil, Gas & Water Process Equipments

Oil & Gas Process Specialist
EPT is a specialist designer and manufacturer with extensive experience providing technically advanced process equipment to industry sectors including oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, agro, water, wastewater treatment and utilities.

Since its inception, EPT has been supplying the oil, gas and petrochemical industries with storage tanks, pressure vessels, and integrated pipeline systems. EPT opeartes 15,000 square metre fabrication facility with associated offices for engineering and design staff, management and accounts departments.

The following equipments are engineered and manufactured by EPT:

3-Phase Separators
Separators are designed to separate production fluids into their constituent components of oil, gas and water. Oil and Gas Separator is a pressure vessel used for separating well stream into gaseous and liquid components. They are installed on an Onshore processing station or on Offshore platform. Gas and Liquid separators are classified as Three phase separator, Two Phase separator, Free Knock out Drums, Flare KO Drum, Degassers, this can be either Horizontal or Vertical.
Electrostatic Heater Treater

Electrostatic Heater Treater (EHT / Crude Oil Dehydrator) The Electrostatic Heater Treater allows for both heating of the fluid to a predetermined treating temperature and provides a section for coalescence.

Heater-Treaters are designed to handle high amounts of heat and/or oil are generally designed to be oriented horizontally. Vertical designs allow for space-efficiency at the expense of lower capacity.

Produced Water Treatment System
EPT undertakes Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance of Produced Water Treatment Systems to help clients meet EGASPIN standards. Our deployed technologies include but not limited to Wemco IGF & mIGF vessels, Nut shell filters, CPIs, Hydrocyclones, WaterWolf etc.

Gas Processing & Utilization Services
To produce an immediate processing upgrade to your natural gas stream, EPT through her global partners has a fleet of JT Skids of various sizes that are readily available and skid-mounted for quick installation. Our processing plants can increase your NGL recoveries by a pressure drop, condensing and removing ‘heavy’ hydrocarbons. We also have stock of other gas processing equipment. Please call EPT today to discuss your gas processing challenges.
Joule-Thomson (JT) Treatment Plant
At EPT, we have ready to go Gas Processing equipments.

Our various Joule-Thomson plants can easily be mobilized, installed and commissioned to meet the client's process gas specification.

What is a Modular Process Skid (MPS) ?
A modular process skid is a combination of equipment that is connected on a frame. It can be a small frame consist of a pump or a complicated high rise system that has multiple mechanical component; such as pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers, storage tanks, pumps, compressors, steel structures and interconnecting pipelines as well as electrical.

What are the benefits of modular process skid equipment ?
Manufacturing, and building a system on the site is very costly, slow and not safe compare to well-managed fabrication shop. Investors and contractors are looking ways to reduce the cost, risks and construction time, thus building industrial facilities with modular skids has became more and more popular.

What is our design capabilities for modular skid packages (MSP) ?
EPT can design modular skid process packages as per ASME, EN, and GHOST taking into consideration of other supporting standards; such as NFPA, TEMA, NACE …etc