Manufacturing & Fabrication

EPT has the fabrication capability to make virtually any oil or gas processing equipment required for production and process facilities. We are pioneers in constructing and assembling quality products in our shop. Design and fabrication are conducted in a controlled environment that permits rigorous quality assurance and rapid delivery. We can truly build anything, and our “one-stop-shop” approach is efficient and collaborative.

EPT provides the following fabrication products:

Pressure vessels
EPT can build pressure vessels up to 20 ft. (6 m) in diameter, up to 8 in. (20 cm) in thickness, and up to 250 t (227,000 kg) in weight. We can build out of carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel, monel, and other alloys. EPT is an ASME U, U2, and UM stamp fabricator. EPT also holds several foreign approvals, including for Russia and China. EPT can also supply pressure vessels stress and fatigue analysis per ASME Code Sec.VIII, Div. 2, for both pressure and thermal analysis using FE/Pipe software.

Heat exchangers
EPT uses the latest software to design shell and tube exchangers. The exchangers are used in various applications, such as natural gas dehydration, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) extraction, LPG fractionation, and gas sweetening. All engineering, design, and calculations of pressure vessels and heat exchangers are in accordance with ASME Code, Section VIII, Div. I, Div. 2, and TEMA.

We have a dedicated pipe spool fabrication shop with automated welding processes (piping stress analysis using Caesar II and FE/Pipe software).

Our team consists of approved Welders and we use a dedicated structural shop for manufacturing of skids, pipe racks, platforms, ladders, and vessel internals to fabricate optimum structures with crane support and girder design.

Sandblasting and painting
We have an enclosed sandblast area as well as coating and blasting systems for both onshore and offshore applications.

Our dedicated tradesmen work in-house to manufacture the required insulation for each module and connection. While all modules are insulated within EPT facilities, insulation of final connections is done onsite. Our quality work ensures trusted, leak-free, heat-insulated barriers.

We install wiring to skid edge junction boxes and we do custom work for electrical paneling. EPT can offer a full suite of services, modularized motor control centres, and control room facilities, fully housed internally, shop tested, and ready for clients’ utility power input. Process skids can be wired to skid edge junction boxes to codes required in the country of service.

Quality Control
In order to maintain our reputation as the global leader in flexible, fully integrated engineering fabrication solutions, we place a high premium on quality assurance. Our Total Quality Management Program guarantees excellence in all of EPT’s projects.

Total Quality Management (TQM) Program overview
EPT quality assurance system accreditation is based on codes of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), as well as ISO 9000, and is accredited by the ASME.

Our quality assurance program and welding procedures are registered. EPT possesses a Certification of Authorization from ASME to conduct performance qualification testing of pressure welders and machine welding operators according to the requirements of ASME.

EPT’s quality control system is registered with the ASME and ISO.

EPT is a company registered in Nigeria and the EPT team is made up of qualified professionals proficient in fabrication solutions. Our adherence to strict guidelines and regulations ensures that your job is done properly.

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